Anytime Fitness Yeovil

Over the past ten years, Joanna has had a difficult relationship with both diet and exercise. She has tried a varied range of diets during that time, but an extreme restricting of calories made her ill as she was starving herself of vital food groups and nutrients.

Realising she had to take control of her health and wellbeing, she sought advice from a friend who was a member at Anytime Fitness Yeovil. After trialling with a guest pass, she joined the club in May 2019 and quickly began to push her boundaries both physically and mentally. As a mum, the 24/7 opening hours allow Joanna to fit in fitness around her lifestyle and she has been appreciative of the welcoming staff who have always been on hand to offer coaching and guidance.

“Anytime Fitness has changed my life and completely changed my perception of what I’m capable of both physically and mentally. The staff have been invaluable and having tried out several other gyms, this is what really set Anytime Fitness Yeovil apart. My advice to anyone thinking of joining an Anytime Fitness gym is go for it, don’t be scared! Everyone associated with the club is so friendly and will support you throughout your journey.”

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